To improve the health and well-being of Whitefish River First Nation community members.


  1. Deliver primary health care services to the Whitefish River First Nation community members through partnerships with Noojmowin Teg Community Health Centre and Mnaamodzawin Health Services.
  2. To provide child welfare services to the Whitefish River First Nation community members through partnership with Kina Gbezhgomi Child and Family Services.
  3. To provide health promotion, prevention, intervention and post-vention services as it relates to improving health outcomes, mental health and addictions services, harm reduction and disease prevention.
  4. To provide transportation for medical services.
  5. To augment and support health outcomes through traditional and alternative health interventions.
  6. To deliver and act on the Community Health Plan as it is developed by Whitefish River First Nation membership and supported by Health Canada.

General Overview of Programs and Services

  • Provide primary health care through doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, dieticians, nutritionists and diabetes teams.
  • Provide mental health and addiction services through the provision of mental health workers, practitioners, counsellors and traditional knowledge keepers/healers.
  • Provide case conferencing as it pertains to child welfare matters.
  • Provide harm reduction activities to youth, parents and community members.
  • Provide access to and encourage participation of other health interventions that may include hypertension, under/never screened, etc.
  • Provide medical transportation services for community members.
  • Provide home-making services to eligible community members.
  • Provide mental health and addictions services to children and youth.
  • Engage in food security, poverty reduction and suicide prevention activities.
  • Provide recreational activities for children, youth and adults.
  • Provide workshops, community events and presentations on health issues and solutions.
  • Engage in health and wellness planning activities.
  • Review health infrastructure and human resources.

Health Staff

  • Health Manager
  • Health Centre Receptionist
  • Medical Transportation Coordinator
  • Medical Transportation Driver
  • Community Wellness Worker
  • Seniors Navigator
  • Elder in Residence
  • Community Health Nurse