Mission Statement:

To provide housing options for adequate, safe affordable and energy efficient housing for our members,
that meets all application building standards.

Housing Department Staff

  • Housing Manager
  • Tenant Relations Worker
  • 2 Housing Maintenance Workers

Housing Application

Interested Band Members/Citizens can apply for on-reserve rental units by completing the Housing Application and submitting it along with 3 written references letters to the Housing Department.

Guiding Principles

In conjunction with Chief and Council, the Housing Committee, and Housing Department staff the following principles have been established. These Guiding Principles will remain to accommodate our First Nation Membership:

  • Chief & Council has delegated the responsibility for the administration and implementation of the Housing Programs to the Housing Committee and Housing Staff;
  • Build safe, affordable and energy efficient housing for our members;
  • Develop a proper maintenance program to ensure a minimum level of health and safety;
  • To extend the useful life of our existing housing stock;
  • Create local employment and provide training opportunities for our members to develop certified trade skills;
  • Develop housing for Band Member/Citizens; and
  • To promote homeownership by providing eligible members with access to affordable and competitive mortgages through the Market Based Housing Program.