Mission Statement:

To manage, maintain and repair public infrastructure buildings and equipment with the safety of the community as our primary responsibility. Maintenance of the First Nations fleet, public roads, water treatment & distribution and storm water systems in an efficient manner. Public works provides essential services that allow the public to live and thrive in our community.

Public Buildings

Listed below are the buildings managed by the department public works and a brief break down of the services provided.

  • Administration Office
  • Health Center (clinic)
  • Shawanosowe School
  • Public Works Garage
  • Community Centre
  • Fire Hall
  • Water Plant, Low Lift Station, Water Tower
  • Various warehouses including holler dome
  • Maamwe Kendassing Daycare
  • Seven Fires Youth/Elders Centre
  • Fitness Center
  • Library
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Each building provides a unique challenge with regards to operation and maintenance; daily janitor cleaning, routine inspections, changing lights, minor repairs and yard maintenance with weekly turning of sand and playground inspections at the Daycare and School are some of the actives that are monitored and carried out by public works personnel.

WRFN Public Works

The core funded roads require daily inspections with an annual schedule sweeping road grading, and winter control. Planned upgrades are also carried out with ditching improvements, road resurfacing and replacement of culverts.

WRFN Playground

Public Works Program also monitors and manages other core funded assets. Street lights, landfill operations, outdoor rink, ball field, pow wow grounds, public parks, canoes and community BBQ are managed by the Public Works department.

WRFN Public Works Truck

In order to deliver the Public Works Program vehicle and tools are required. Listed below are some of the core and non-core funded vehicles owned and operated by the First Nation.

  • Water Delivery Truck
  • 2 Fire Trucks
  • Backhoe
  • Four pickup trucks
  • Landfill track loader
  • One ton truck
  • Snowplow
  • Tractor and attachments
  • Three school buses

Public works provides essential services that allow the public to live and thrive in our community.

Public works personnel & duties

Plant Manager:
Manage all facets of public works department including minor & major capital projects & fleet management.

Water Plant Operator:
Daily operations of water treatment & distribution system including the testing and recording of communal water system.

Public Works and Water Plant Operator:
Assist with the daily operations of public works and operations of heavy equipment including snowplowing also acts as back up water treatment & distribution operations.

Water Delivery and Water Plant Operator:
Main duties is water delivery approximately 20 hours/wk. Assist with curbside garbage pickup and community building recycling program. Back up water treatment & distribution operations including snowplowing.

Full-time Public Works Employee:
Addresses the daily operations of public works including building maintenance and landscaping and back up water delivery & snowplowing.

Part-time Public Works Employee:
Landfill operations, assist with public works as required.